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Your most coveted 1/6 items?

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What 1/6 items will you never trade or sell?

No particular order
1. TS Anni SEAL set
2. ACE OD CQB vest - I have yet to see where to get another one
3. Heads from Davinator - too much spent on these :wail
4. Triad Jillian head - very nice
5. BBI Prowler M14 - too hard to find
6. PMC Bale head + devgru rig - these were too hard to come by as well
7. 23rd Reg Marine Sniper (1st boxed Hot Toys figure from Vikingplayground) I swapped the head for the limited PMC one but its still sweet
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The woodland Sniper from Hot Toys. Simple because it was my first Hot Toys figure and because its so rare.
My main project that will probably never be finished and consume my entire early adult life :knock
Seriously though, I don't ever intend to sell or trade any part of it as long as it makes me happy, which I think it always will.
Albeit at times expensive to expand/improve upon, time consuming, and flat out frustrating every now and then, it helps me.

Headsculpts, weapons, gear and parts may change from time to time, but the focus stays the same. ^_^
To choose one in particular item.. It would have to be my HT Blackwater polo shirt. 2nd to that would have to be my HT Wesley sculpt, man I love that HS.
My Medicom Imit Ultraman, Kamen Rider the Next No.1 and Ultraman Jack Hideki Goh. Nobody does tokusatsu like Medicom and these three are particularly hard to find.
gifts from friends that are now on my kitbashes/ all of them (figures) i guess

i find more joy in using them so i can appreciate, than flipping them for profit:p
I love all my children equally.
That is a hard one. I am not willing to give up or trade any really. If I have two then that is really not the same thing. My HT figures are to expensive and the stuff coming out today is so cool. My AA figures seem so rare and old DML stuff is like a classic car. Perhaps you need to put a gun to my head to force it out of me (LOL)!
For me it would be those early 21C carded uniform/weapon sets and some boxsets back around 97~99'. Foreign weapon sets, SWAT team member and leader, Desert SAS, West coast firefighter boxsets to name a few. Still have them in the parts bin. They might not be in the same league with today's high standard in terms of quality and detailing that we are so accustom to, but heck it was them who got me rekindle with 1/6 at full speed. :D
My custom Future Kratos sci-fi bash will never leave my collection, though the rest of my KUSA customs are all for sale right now...any takers?
It would have to be my Preds, don't matter how much they are worth!
Cool thread. In semi-alphabetical order:

BBI - Trident HS
BBI - Raptor SAW
ACE - their 1st woodland frog set - limited to 500 if I recall correctly
ACE - Tan & OD plate carrier sets
HT - Deunan & Bri
TAKARA - 1st issue Batman
TAKARA - Kerberos Panzer Cops (male & female)
TRIAD - uber limited Alex - Asian Assassin DX exclusive

Future covets are:

HT Ironman
HT She-Predator
HT Predator 1
HT Landmate
TAKARA New Panzer Male
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That is a hard one. I am not willing to give up or trade any really. If I have two then that is really not the same thing. My HT figures are to expensive and the stuff coming out today is so cool. My AA figures seem so rare and old DML stuff is like a classic car. Perhaps you need to put a gun to my head to force it out of me (LOL)!
Oh I hear ya. But every now and then a manufacturer will release a piece that's an updated better version of something I have, I'll have more than one, get tired of something, or just realize I bought something on impulse and didn't need it as much as I thought I did.

There are a couple of things I acquired here from forum members that I was so grateful of I definitely won't part with.
Azone-Kurosaki Ichigo Bleach Hitsugowa and Matsumoto
Azone-Fate stay knight saber
Azone Shakugan no Shanna
Azone Full Moon Hazuki
Hot toys Robocop
Medicom Edward and Albert(armor version) Eleric
Takara Batman Begins Batman and original Cygirls catwoman
Hot toys Superman clark kent 2 in 1
Sideshow Jedi Luke, Ash and Evil Ash
Sideshow Bonds Connery, Morre, Brosnin
Any of the customs I made

There are several coming out I probably will want too keep too.
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I think that we all have our price, and though we want to be noble and say we would not part with an item, I am sure we could be pushed. Though I have to say that most (about a hundred or so) of my collection is boxed, I would have a hard time parting with any of the customs that I have done. I primarily say this based on my pride in them, and if they sucked- I would just tear em down and build em up. The boxed that I do have that I would hold on tightly to-

DiD Hans Ulrich Grimminger, Kurt Dorr
DML- Mike Connolly, Frank Laird
DML Soldat- Jim Gordon
Probably my 21C MG42 gunner. It was a gift from an employee at their Burbank studio and has a hand-painted prototype hs. #2 would be my HT Airborne Ranger (despite the facial hair!).
  • my GI Joe(go figure) police motorcycle, with bashed SA Joe and a BBI sam brown rig and 21 century cop shades,
  • my bash of Mase Windo made with a bbi sam jackson body and hs, and mixed bag of pseudo Star Wars kit
  • my snake eyes bash
  • my cobra commander bash
  • my custom Joe Swat Silent Entry
  • my custom Joe Texas Ranger
  • oh hell, I'll just keep them all!

Joe Rules
The old DML HALO set. An old girlfriend ordered it from Monkey Depot and sent it to me as a surprise birthday gift. Meant a lot to me then and still does.

Original BBi Delta figure Stryker. My mom picked up all 6 of the original BBi figures and gave them to me the Christmas after they were originally released. Of all of them, Stryker was my favorite. I still have all his original pieces except the rifle (broken). :cry
Hands down my SST "Platoon" figures.
Still and prolly always looking for the 2 I'm missing though :fit
Well......anything will go for a price. :erm I just sold tons of figures, a Pak 40 and a Little Bird on eaby that I thought I will never sell. But I need the space for more new figures very badly..........:( And someday I'll sell them too if and when I ran out of space for more new toys.
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