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As i said in my other post, i'm opening a new one to show more pics:

I was fed up with all the little guys falling from the shelves so I chose to glue all of them on those little base.

They are the little ceramic "dishes" that you put under flower pot to retain the water.
I just turn them upside down and put some plaster or mastic to make the "diorama" look alike. Then i use whatever I can think of: sand, stones, artificial
grass, wood...
I found that they are just the right size and cheaper than the wooden ones (1$ each).
The boots are all glued on the base. It's a pain if you want to reuse them for something else, but It allows me to use more different and natural poses,
because I find it boring to always see them 1/6 warriors standing like they had abroomstick in their ass..

The result is not so bad for the cost...


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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