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YOU GOT A blackhawk DOWN...(added pics from story-board)

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Hello to all OSW-Members!
My name is Joerg-Peter (shorted: J-P) aka blackhawk-super-six-one. My homebase located in Germany on a hill called Heartbreak Ridge.

For a long time my mode was silent running. But today, here is my comming-out:

I will tell you the story of men from the Unknow Chalk. These guys were trained at Heartbreak Ridge Special Training Area to join mission in a ONE-SIXTH-UNIVERSE far away, whenever Call Of Duty may reach them...defending the perimeter, because...there are still men out there...

So look what I've done to them...

Hope you'll take them into your hearts, because they were brave ONE-SIXTH-WARRIORS.


Thanks for welcoming and all your kindly comments!

Here are some pics from the story-board.

Hope you'll enjoy!

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Nothing like coming out with a bang. Very impressive slide show. Great figures.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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