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I've been toying around with about a dozen figures which are unlikely to ever be made by the 1/6 companies-- Hamas, Hezbollah, Somali, Chechen, Latin America death squad, that sort of thing-- the reading is interesting, and it helps me use up the extra unis and gear that don't fit anywhere else, haha. (the ski mask- and shemagh-look also hides some of the second-rate headsculpts I seem to have so many of.)
I'll start with these three:

Iranian IRGC

notice how Hasbro's yellowish choco-chip resembles the Quds Force uniform--
Iran Army to Transform Into More Offensive Force |

Houthi rebel with a Saudi war trophy

Houthis in Yemeni army uniforms
Yemen war: Rebel withdrawal from key port disputed by government | The Independent

Police presence in Kashmir
(really a stretch on this one, this outfit not even close to the India RAF uniforms,
but that funky blue camo had to go somewhere!)

Rapid Action Force in Jammu
man walks past Rapid Action Force RAF Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image | Shutterstock

thanks for looking!
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