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Xmas Birthdays 12/25/07

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HO ****ING HO, HO!!!

CHENG (???), BILLPETE (36)

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Because Christmas birthdays are all about appreciating the ornaments that hang from the beautiful, bountiful tree. A joyous birthday to all :thumb
I think Grizzerr missed someones birthday. They person tha Christmas is supposed to celebrate. Jesus! Not that I am overly religious or anything. But still Happy birthday and Merry Christmas. I hope you both have a great day. Play hard and stay safe.
Happy Birthday to all and to all a good day!! HA! Hadda say it.

Man I look at the girls today and all I can say is Ho! Ho! Ho! Sumbitch sure does pick pretty girls don't he? Way to go Grizzer! You da man!!
Besides Jesus, I wish a happy birthday to the Christmas babies who are members here at OSW! :)

(Very nice picks today, Griz!)

- Ian
Happy Birthday Guys!!!! Nice Buns!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday guys, especially you Billpete. You were one of the first great people I met on this forum, and I can only wish the best for you on this day and every other.

Sorry my wishes were a bit belated, and I hope you guys's Birthmases were great :)
Happy B-Day Troopers! Have a great and wonderful day!

#2 is for Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Fine fine Fine!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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