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Hey folks,
I took some 6" figures out for some fun the other day.

First is a young Predator who just finished his initiation killing of a Xenomorph, with a trophy.

Not too far away, on the same jungle planet, a Xenomorph leaps out from the foliage and startles a Marine, his comrades quickly react.

"Look out!" shouts a Marine to his buddies, as more creatures leap out from the foliage.

As one Xeno grabs the ankles of a USCM trooper, another one rushes towards the column of Marines.

I had a lot of fun with this, I found that pieces of a wire coat hanger cut up are the right diameter to fit into the Marines' foot pegs, so that made the posing a lot easier! I only slightly tweaked the contrast and saturation.

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Those figures are really excellent in detail and the array of head sculpts. I like the setting, an earth-like planet. An appealing scale.
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