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WWII SAS, Europa 1945

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SAS member behind enemy lines, somewhere Europe circa 1945:

Hope you enjoy it, thank you very much for take a look.
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:wideyes :wideyes :wideyes :jawdrop
fan bloody tastic, this looks so real.
Great job, have always been a fan of the sepp screaming head.
Great job!!!
Who's he yelling at?? LOL
That is awesome, your work on the headsculpt is incredible.
Tres bien, Phillipe!
Very nice job on the headsculpt and the weathered, worn looking uniform.SoF :thumb
Absolutely, thunderously beautiful! Luvv what you did with that headsculpt of what's his name from Band of Brothers :thumb :thumb
Beautiful job, Phillipe!

- Ian
I am just coing to sit in the corner and cry. Too cool.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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