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WW2/US "Band of Brothers" Part1/#8 THE LAST PATROL.

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"Band of Brothers" Part1/#8 THE LAST PATROL.
"Winters"& "Spears"
Haguenau France.

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Excellent head sculpts and weathering! They look great.
Fantastic figures! I really like the weathering and the head sculpts are very well done.
Great Work. I like the different Stils of Weathering here in the Forum. Every One ist brilliant
The weathering looks amazing. Particularly the wrinkles on cloths which looks so natural. I wonder how you did this.
Other amazing work, congratulations !
its amazing ..... very nice weathering swift on jackets look like real....a+++
Look really great! Uniforms weathering and wrinkles is so good! Also fun to see a Spears headsculpt!
Looking great, I really like the Spears head sculpt. Very nicely done.

I agree with all of the above...... excellent job on both figures.... the weathering and attention to detail is fantastic.... well done.... congrats..... Harold
Thank you for everybody!!! :clap:clap:clap
love dirty......nice figures mate
Thank you for everybody!!! :dancing:dancing
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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