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WW2 SAS Captain

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a quick WW2 British bash using DID John Coleman's cap, DML, and BBI parts
might have to find a bigger hs or resize the cap
any way here's how it looks

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Love the bash, simple, but very effective. I would leave the ****** look to the cap, Stirling's boys were always rogues anyway.
I think it looks great!! It was war time, not everything was perfect fit.
All Mighty One? Kumusta Ka Pare Ko?

Man, it's been a long time since we have seen each other. I remember when you brought some bashes to Randy's house down in Tierrasanta. Do you remember? The old SANDASH crew (San Diego Action Scale Hobbyists).

You need to come down one of these days and hang out at AZTECA's place with me.
LG2 will eventually make the trip (were hoping).

One Shot out!
Very cool looking figure, very sharp bash AMO!! :thumb
Now this is a very cool figure. I very much like this one.

fantastic. i most definitely wouldn't mess with that guy.
John Coleman's cap is pretty mint
Excellent bash! :thumb
Is that a Thompson he's carrying?
Tis a nice bash. Especially like the mix in uniform , which I am fond of doing myself with my NA/MTO Brits.
Nice looking brit bash!!!
thanks again Leo

AEAFalloon thanks man
I'll leave it alone then ;)

Deuterides, hot LZ, grizzerr, USMC Maggot, GrenadierStinny, jbcat, Hardcase01, Tadgh, Stooge!, rangerg282 thanks guys

hey One Shot
It's been too long man.
What happened to Flint? Is he still around?
We should plan a get together one of this days

Niels you got it man
I've been having a bit of WW2 ideas lately ;)

thanks Mike

romedome thanks
the smg is a DML German MP40

Brave Rifles thanks man
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