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Hello warriors. My WW2 theme continues with my counter to my German upgrade I did with Marcus the German MG42 gunner. The base figure I started with was Dragon's William. Here are the modifications I did. Replacement items were purchased from Toy Soldier Brigade and Monkey Depot.
1. Dragon head sculpt from set 3.
2. Private chevrons.
3. 1936 suspenders.
4. Pistol belt from my Ricky Foster figure.
5. 1911 side arm with holster plus M1923 ammo pouch.
6. 1910 first aid kit.
7. 1936 Mussette Bag.
8. 1910 Entrenching tool.
9. 1910 canteen and cover.
10. Dragons metal helmet with net (Hap Daley).
11. Twisting Toyz M1919A6 machine gun.
12. Dragon linked 30 cal. ammo belt.
13. smoke and hand grenade.
14. Fighting knife M3.

This is still work in progress for my allied theme. I have another figure to complete and weathering is not out of the question. You have to admit they do look good clean! LOL

If anyone wants to look at my German counterpart here is a link to that post

William has just parachuted into Holland just outside of Eindhoven September 19, 1944. (Operation Market Garden.)

Thanks for looking.


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Kelly's Heroes Fan there , eh?

I really like this figure! It's nice and clean cut , and well assembled.

Oh yes, this is my all time favorite movie. If you look at the cast of characters, its pretty impressive. Thanks for the kind remarks. I just got into the 1/6 figures a few months back. I trying to do things a little out of the norm. I am still learning from all the talent that belongs to this group. If you have not seen my other posts, here are the links for you Joe.
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