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WW2 German Infantry *old 21st Century with a new look*

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*wipes brow* Well, it been a Rough road for while guys. Been having them ups and down do to School and Money Troubles. Haven't had time to post up anything in a LONG while. So. here something I been working on. Decided to pull down one of my old 21c Figures from the tower of Figures. Just to give this old figure a little more kick for the look.

Weathering, Repaints, and so forth. Been thinking on Repainting the head. Not sure if I want to yet. BUT! I'll keep you all posted if I do.

Here he is.

I know, I know I messed up on the Rifle Sling. >_< Don't hurt me you WWII Buffs out there.
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nice work for such and "old" figure! great job
I been thinking on doing a little more work on this old 21st Figure. Maybe paint the head and dirty him up alittle more. Any ideals???
I hear ya! I had to pass up so many deals recently just because money is tight.

Killer figure, still!
Great upgrades Uswin! The sculpt might need some paint, but thats about it. I feel your pain dude. Short on money, school gets in the way most of the time, Most of my bashes are the residue of boxed figures in my loose parts box.Looks nicley weathered.
Right now, I'm slowing down on my bashes so I can save money. Yeh, I think I'm going to repaint that head. Oh forget it, I'm repainting the head. I'll have a new update of this figure sometime Friday.

Man, it fun working on the old school figures. :p
Looks great!! excellent work, you've revived it!!
Cool figure! Looks great!
Yessir, I like it...and you young fellas keep up that school work! Like I tell my 24 year old Son, education equals more toys and stuff in your future
Really nice to see an older figure updated. Study hard and get a good job so you can buy more toys later.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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