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WW2 Era Breech/Riding style pants issues

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Does anyone have a tip on how to get a crisp well figured look on some German Riding pants. At least that's what I call them. I have also heard them call breech pants. I want to keep the part that flares out from continuing to cave in or look saggy. Any help is appreciated. I am kind of new to this. I though of possibly just ironing them. Is that feasible? Thanks.
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With felt hats and the like, a lot of us use hair spray to stiffen it. You could also run some light wire on the inside of the seam. If you turn the pants inside-out, see if the wire would go under where the extra material is fold back, then glue it down with a light touch of fabric glue. Test any spray of glue to make sure it doesn't stain the fabric (like on the part that would be hidden under the boot)
Hope that helps.
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