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The M1914 leather equipment was originally intended for training only but was issued in large numbers to the new volunteer battalions due to a shortage of webbing. It comprised a belt with snake clasp, shoulder braces reviewed by bracebox, bayonet frog, entrenching tool helve attachment, tool head carrier, water bottle carrier, and two large pouches each holding 50 rounds in a cotton bandolier. These pouches were clearly influenced by the old Slade Wallace equipment. Up to 1918 some units could still be seen wearing this equipment in the trenches.

This figure represents a sergeant of the 8th Battalion, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), 9th (Scottish) Division, 1915. The figure is in the field service marching order of the 1914-pattern equipment. The Black Watch were photographed in this order at Bordon (not sure if that's Bordon near Hampshire or Borden in France) in early 1915. Kilt aprons had yet to be issued and the old spats and hose were still being worn.

Tony Barton head with a Milliput 'tache, painted with oils on a Hot Toys body with Sideshow hands. Knee joints Milliputted over and painted.

Sideshow Black Watch jacket and kilt. Jacket has had its buttons replaced with Battlegear buttons. Glengarry from Howard Walker with diced band removed. Black Watch badge and shoulder tags from Tony.

DiD hose, painted . Rolled hose tops made from painted cotton tape.
Spats are DiD Carnot cut down.
Boots from DiD Pvt. Williams.

Mk3 Lee Enfield from BBi with conversion parts from Tony and a new paintjob and leather sling.

Leather equipment and backpack are scratchbuilt. Leather from Little Trimmings and buckles from Rio Rondo. Belt is from DiD Napoleonic Rifleman. PH anti gas hood satchel, scratchbuilt also.

Haversack, helve and attachment from Sideshow WW1 Highlander

Waterbottle from Sideshow Light Horseman, bayonet and scabbard from BBi.

Hope you like him, all comments are welcome.

Appreciate your research. Loved it.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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