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WOSC XIII: Brit Para Airborne Jeep, Opel Blitz Medical Truck, SAS Jeep, Pak 38 &

This past weekend was the 13th Weekend of Scott Carter (WOSC XIII), and once again we spent 3 days in a garage watching paint dry the fun way. Scott Carter brought his awesome painting talents to the AZ Joeheads lair and managed to paint 5 vehicles for us. This time we had a heavily customized Dragon Jeep to represent a British 1st Para Airborne jeep at Arnhem made by Alex. Tom had an Dragon desert SAS jeep. Kevin had a Taowan Opel Blitz Ambulance / Medical Aid truck with 11th SS Panzer Division markings. I had a Dragon Kettenkrad and Pak 38 under the 5th SS Panzer, Wiking Division. All of the vehicles were repainted, weathered, detailed with markings and camo patterns and modified / repaired as takes work to make these things look good. We hope you enjoy the photos. The whole album with 75+ pics is available to view here:​
WOSC XIII photos

You can see Tom's photos on his facebook page for the group:​
AZ Joeheads FB page
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