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World War Z Groupbash? Anybody interested?

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Ok well, its late/early, i came back from Nightshift, i finished listening to the World War Z Audiobook and thought it might be a good idea for a groupbash.

Alot of guys here like zombies and all around them. So whos up for it? Alot of different bashes possible.

Pre-Total War Soldiers from all around the World.
Army Group North/Center/South Soldiers
Last Men on Earth

I can post some descriptions once we gauged the overall interest. Im gonna go to bed now :)

Oh and of course i wanna see some Lobo Designs for the Leathernecks :D (yeah ill describe it later for the people who dont know what that is :D)
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Oh okay. Well since friday would be the starting point, how about a month? gives us the whole june to bash?
I'm interested.
this sounds cool, I'd love to help out but I dont have anything modern or civilean-esc...
best of luck though and I cant wait to see how it turns out!
you guys also need to read the zombie survival guide :D it has a lot of detail in it including all the zombie attacks in the history and it's from the same writer
Excellent book. I'm in.
I'm interested also. This sounds really cool. Should be some great work on this one.
I found the Zombie Survival Guide (also by Max Brooks) to be a much more interesting book. WWZ was decent, but there were too many different stories that I found it hard to really get into it. Always seemed that just as I was really getting into a scenario, it was over. There were some cool scenarios though. The "shock and awe" campaign being a good eye-opener to what the enemy really was. In addition the family's trip north was another good one. My favorite however has to be the girl at the TN Air National Guard base. That was a nail biter.

Zombie Survival Guide I have re-read at least 3 times since getting it on my birthday 3 years ago. :) Have yet to get back into WWZ though.

That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's work on this. :) I'm in the process of reorganizing all my stuff and trying to write some reviews on various toys, so I'll probably have to pass, but if I get time, I'll see what I can do. :)
I m interested but i m not sure if i would have all the stuff required, i can only confirm once i see the list tomorrow.. Thanks :ar15
It's a shame this has started at the same time that the SciFi group bash is on... I'd love to do a few zombies.... I doubt i'd be able to get them done as well as the other stuff i'm working on!
I'm in. Any excuse to finally take pictures of my Alpha team and to use the new camrea is a plus.

On a side note, in the book I thought they said the Lobo looked like a broadsword with a spike that come out of the bottom. All of which was made from steel. But it's been a few months since I read it.
It's called the Standard Infantry Entrenchment Tool aka 'The Lobotomizer' or 'Lobo' - a cross between a shovel and double-bladed battle-axe, invented by the USMC as their melee weapon against the undead and manufactured from car parts.

The Brits - gawd bless 'em - were using broadswords and maces.

Check out this little pic from the proposed illustrated survival guide -


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Sounds good, i listened to that audio-book recently, it's great!
Enough talk already, get cracking on those bashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:thumb
Where do I post mine?
I´m in. Great idea. The book is fantastic.
I bought the book last week. I wanted to read it before doing my bash - Now I'm bummed. I'm bummed the book is over (seriously one of the best reads I've had in years), and I'm bummed because I can't pick just one thing to bash.

The old blind gardener?

A Zulu or Maori taking on a bunch of Zombies

British Royal Guardsman swinging a broadsword

Frenchman in chain male in the tunnels and sewers of Paris

A US soldier once we went on the offensive against the Zombies (an easy kit to make with some bad ass weapons)

Then there is the "dumb ass" on the roller blades with the meat cleaver strapped to his hockey stick.

I've been talking this book up to everyone I meet. Palaboon - Thanks for turning me onto such a good read.
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I think we should post WIPs in here, and make a new Thread for the final bashes? Since i have two weeks vacation starting saturday morning 6am i think i can make some photoshop stuff with the final pictures as well.
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