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The War in Snow and Ice

Sergente maggiore
4th Regiment
Aosta battalion,
Monte Vodice, 1917

During WWI the regiment consisted of 9 battalions and saw heavy fighting in the Alps against Austria's Kaiserjäger and Germany'sAlpenkorps. The battalions of the 4th regiment in these days were:"Aosta", "Ivrea", "Intra", "Val d'Orco", "Val Baltea", "Val Toce", "Monte Levanna", "Monte Cervino", "Monte Rosa".

The Aosta Battalion distinguished itself in 1917 during heavy combat on Monte Vodice and in 1918 on Monte Solarolo.

Taken from Wikipedia

This is my version of a ww1 Alpine soldier, that my wife has named "Cipriano", from 1917 during the Battle for Monte Vodice, 1917.
This figure wears the famous Alpini felt cap with the blue pompom. He wears the tunic from the Twisting toys WW1 figure and the pants of the Mussolini figure. The ammo pouches are the M1891 version. He wears mountain boots with socks and puttees. He has a long bayonet for his M1891 Carcano 6.5mm long rifle. The haversack is a DML Italian haversack, loaded with a mess-tin(DML) and also DML WW2 German food items. The rucksack is from Cotswold with a shovel. The rucksack may not be right, but I don't have any info on the real WW1 rucksacks, so this will do. I made an Alpenstock for him, but I might make a new and bigger one.

thanks for looking,

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Just like the others have said, a really nice figure, looks great. It's an interesting bit of WW1 that doesn't get as much general press, some really intense conditions.
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