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Ok, so this is not really a detailed product review, but since this World Box body (and World Box bodies in general) have been a topic of discussion on and off, I decided to post some photos of it, now that I have it in hand. Just arrived yesterday.

The World Box AT012 body is a hard-plastic muscle body with all the advantages and limitaitons that that entails. Like the other World Box products, it is very robust. The sculpt quality and detail is better than ever before, and this "hairy" body is a significant improvement on their previous one. The paint work is fairly light, but the hair detail is sculpted, mostly on the chest. The overall effect is very good.

It comes as a headless body with several pairs of different hands and some extra neck-posts. In the photos I have posed it with some additional items: a custom Henry Cavill head, 1/6 scale boxer shorts (to keep the photos safe for puritans), the 1/6 scale Pop Toys E01 gym set.

You may need to right-click and "view image" to some of the photos in full size.

Hope this is informative, and I will be happy to answer any questions.

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