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work in progress "orc" (update)

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hi, i was bored in this hot day of summer, yes, in south america is summer, so i start with this project, its going to be a lurtz, no "the lurtz" but a lurtz, and i finaly found somethin to use scorpions head for, simple mats ugly head ugly orc. well by

well here is the finish head, hope you like it, next step the body, good luke

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I like it, its like a mean angry Shrek with that current complexion. It'll be a cool Lurtz, look forward to your orc :)
Wow, that is some cool work, cant wait to see some more updates on this! Great job so far :thumb
Nice looking Orc.
thanks to all, hope you like tre update
Wow, the paint application is awesome. Great looking Orc. Can't wait to see it finished.
That looks awsome! I'd love to know how you attached the hair.
"You shall taste man flesh!"
"Erm, that sounded kind of... gay."

Seriously though, great looking headsculpt.
That looks totally amazing the transformation is awesome

hi there is really not much to it, i just glue the hair, i use a light color hair so i made it darker with acrilic paint, which also give it that messy look, and then i glue it little by little, the front part is a little tricky because you have to fold it.
and i hate my camara it never focus the eyes.
and its so fun to do this tipe of easy paint job, one skin tone and thats it.
well thank again
Wow looks really good!!
Tip with taking photos, use a tripod, works for me :)

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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