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Here is a collection of some bashes I've been working on the past few months, they are all set within the Hyborian Universe (Conan The Barbarian). Most of the cultural summaries were taken from the game Age Of Conan.

Cimmerian Clan Shaman

Cimmeria, birthplace of Conan, was an unremittingly somber land. It was home to a people forged by the very harsh conditions of their environment. The Cimmerians were known to be a gloomy people, famed for their deep melancholy but also feared for their great rages. They lived like most barbarian cultures, in small tribes governed by the strongest amongst them. They were a blunt, direct people who respected strength and self-reliance but abhorred weakness and cowardice.

I've rebuilt this bash over my previous barbarian, with new custom fur works and additional bones, teeth & staff to give her a shamanistic feel.

I've dyed her hair a bit more ginger, from the default dark red.

A closer look at the shamanistic staff:

Aquilonian Duelist

Aquilonia would emerge as one of the most powerful of the Hyborian kingdoms, its civilizing influence was felt by most of their barbarian neighbors. Aquilonian fighters were disciplined and tough, often more soldier than warrior. The people valued martial skill and admired any who stood against the nation's many enemies.

I wanted to give this figure a professional soldier feel (like the Conquerors in AoC), with an array of different weapons at her disposal. I used Pain Killer Jane's body and head for this figure, also known as Phicen S23b body.

Her Weapons and Armour were repainted for colour consistency.

Here is how she looks on my display shelf, next to a war horse.

Priestess Of Mitra

Religiously, the worship of Mitra was the semi-official state religion of Aquilonia. While the Aquilonians didn't often become Mages, many of them still chose to tap into the higher powers by following the way of the Priest to later become Priests of Mitra.

This is a direct conversion from the Duelist, I tried to give her a priestly feel as opposed to that of a mage or shaman. Her outfit was inspired by some of Robert E. Howard's illustrations.

A closer look at the face and headdress:

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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Pose inspired by Belit from the Conan boardgame:

Hope you enjoyed looking as much as I did making them!

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great figures, really like the look of them. i'd give the conq a two handed sword though instead of a shield. dual wield for carnage, two handed atlantean for brute ;) how i loved the game until they gave pvp gear stats that made every brainless finger amputee able to withstand and deal damage without having a grain of skill...
the early days where the good times, hasn't aged very well come to think of it. played my conq a few months ago on crom.
cheers tjolnir

Last seen in Skyrim...
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I adore the first one, though I did have a good chuckle at the *ahem* 'breastplate' - I hope she's not going to be rushing into battle any time soon as she's given her enemies a rather obvious target. XD
I love all the details in her armour though, especially the boots - it all looks really comfy and well used.

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I've always admired your work, your Amazon Hoplite blew my mind back then, and had been a great inspiration.

But these, these are on a whole new level of craftsmanship, every bit of details are put together so well, and how they鈥檙e presented in the photos are just first-class.

Your work sir, has always astonished me, thank you :D
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