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Wolverine - Modern and WW2

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Here are a couple 1/6 Wolverine figures I made, I hope you enjoy!

Wolverine in "modern" combat gear:

Height Comparison:

Berserker Attack:

Parts Used:
- Head: Jim Maddox sculpt, painted
- Body: Barrack Sergeant (courtesy of Warlord's Keep, a great site for 1/6 scale figures and accessories), body shortened
- Hands: 21st Century fists, modified and painted
- Claws: Novelty Paperclips, cut to size and attached to fists
- Pants: Dragon Ron Watkins black BDU pants
- Shirt: random black turtleneck shirt
- Boots: InThePastToys Canadian Military Cadet boots
- Assault Vest: Gameitoy assault vest
- Belt and Holster: Gameitoy

Wolverine during WW2 - Canadian Commando:

Wolverine and Red Skull:

Past and Future:

Parts Used:
- Head - Marvel Studios 1/6 Wolverine figure
- Body - DiD body, shortened
- Uniform, boots, leggings, pouches - Dragon WW2 British soldier
- Gun - Cotsworld Lee Enfield Rifle
- Hands and Claws - same as "Modern" Wolverine
- Holster - 21st Century British Commando holster and gun
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Wow, very cool! An interesting spin on a popular character! Love those poses, and the WWII version is really creative!
Very cool and a fun photo-story to boot. I especially like the berserk attack.
Thanks a lot guys! Wolverine is a fun character to make!

I had a toybiz figure of Wolverine from the early 1990's that I loosely based this custom off of. He was some sort of covert ops wolverine in a black uniform (and some sort of gold gear). I figured Wolverine doesn't always need to wear his spandex outfits :devilhnd
Very cool! Love seeing Wolverine, specially in action like that, and the commando idea is great, bad-ass stuff man!! :thumb
Thanks a lot Mike! :cheers
i like the modern wolverine.. but the feral face on the WW2 one is cool as well.
Nice Action Shots.
Thanks so much guys! I'm glad you enjoy my take on Wolverine :D
Cool work! Great photos!
i liked them!
would like to see more on the Skull, though!
Yeah I'm really digging the WWII Wolvie.

Nice job.
Thanks guys! These were fun to make.

Red Skull was my first attempt at sculpting a head from scratch. I'm content with it, but I've seen some excellent red skull head sculpts since I made mine. I don't think I have any more pics of Red Skull right now, sorry!
I love that black Wolverine's head sculpt, is it still available?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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