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Last year we all saw the recent 1:6 releases of military figures, some new ones but also plenty of rehashed sets.
Recent new examples are the IQO Japanese line, and also the British dispatch rider which has interesting pieces that's never been done before.
There's also many rehashed figures like U-Boat, SAS, Afrika Korps and 'Nam sets- more expensive but better qualities now.

But I noticed many of rehashed sets often missed gear and parts that made their older versions unique and sought after by 1:6 military collectors.
A couple of SAS sets looks good, but still don't have a British radio set that we had from the old BBI SAS Captain Caldwell.
I'd love to see an Afrika Korps set that has a 'Hermann Meyer' -style Field Cap with sun flaps like what we had from the old Cyber Hobby General Ramcke set.
How about a
French MAT submachine gun or a Carl Gustav submachine gun for a new 'Nam set? Even the e old 21st Century plastic versions are impossible to find nowadays.

It's not too much to ask if I'm gonna spend $175++ on a new figure.

What other sets or parts are on your wish list?
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