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Hey all!
I'm done exams and doing my best to make use of the month I have of free time - I've got a Delta Assaulter and a CIA GRS figure in the works alongside this larger project. ATM the project is very rough but I've made some good progress! Any C&C is always welcome and thanks for looking! On a side note, this project has some added meaning for me as I recently completed the lengthy application process for joining a reserve Combat Engineer regiment and will (hopefully) be heading off to basic training within the month. That aside, hope you enjoy my work so far on these two canucks!

The two figures - Corporal Andersen, a C9 gunner, and Sergeant (?) - HS's will be changed, gear added and subtracted, etc. The Sgt will be getting a C8 rifle and LAW, possibly a Browning HP as well. And feet of course. :lol Cpl Andersen has a standard CF Tac Vest, modified from an Israeli assault vest - more pics below. Sgt has an aftermarket chest rig - commercial rigs of all brands can be seen in pics of CAF soldiers in Afghanistan, as the issue Tac vest is allegedly not the most useful. The "flak vests" containing armour plates are DML GSG-9 Vests, with unnecessary parts removed, rifle butt-pads added to shoulders (made from velcro), and painted tan.
18815955_1914554762148323_296040716_n by Super 68, on Flickr

Andersen's newly-modded Israeli vest. The front pouch set-up may be altered as it's not 100% accurate to a CAF Tac vest. The body is the *excellent* SDU K9 from SS, which I love because it's not the typical jacked roidasaurus body we have come to expect - it's a more "normal"-sized body but still with seamless arms.
18788796_1914554778814988_1462307212_n by Super 68, on Flickr

Extensive modifications to the rear of the Tac vest - all pouches etc were stripped off, the panel was cut down, and a cloth panel was added - however I still have to add some more parts.
18788312_1914554758814990_1970611451_n by Super 68, on Flickr

C8 carbine and LAW - almost complete!
18763230_1914554782148321_568933225_n by Super 68, on Flickr

Base - pardon the awful pics! You can't really see from this angle but it's a sloped hill leading into a dry river bed. Terrain is accurate to part of Afghanistan where OP Medusa took place.
18763203_1914554768814989_372077052_n by Super 68, on Flickr

Roughly, the Sgt will be taking cover in the dry riverbed as Cpl Andersen runs to safety with his LMG in hand. Other modifications to be done include:
- Forward rails to the C9 Minimi, sling, possible laser
- Sourcing a Browning HP pistol - or modding a similar-looking gun
- Completing the Tac Vest
- Finalizing the helmets - modified from a USMC LWH with brim/bill cut down and NVG mounts added, the other is a ACH with ACU cover - will be weathered to look like CADPAT.
- Possible addition of packs
- Weathering figures

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Glad I didn't miss this, looking good! So much added detail, and the terrain feature should make for a dramatic presentation. Good to see the Canadians getting well deserved limelight.
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