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Here's the work I've done so far on two WWII figures, one is a Brandenburger Feldwebel(Sgt) and the other is a Heer Sniper. I started experimenting with some modelling putty from my Warhammer 40k miniature days and gave both figs a moustache.

Heer Sniper:

Here I used the Dragon US Tanker "Mike Walker" Head.

Brandenburg Feldwebel:

I used the DiD "Karl Stroop" headsculpt as the base here.

I also tried my hand at weathering the weapons to give the wood a more grainy look.

Vollmer ERMA MPE Submachine Gun:

I basically used a needle(I only just got a decent hobby knife today) and scratched/cut out the dents, cracks and lines to simulate the wood grain. The sanded the whole wood area down on the edges and around the cuts which added to the grain effect. Then gave it a few washes of brown ink. Wiping off each coat with my fingers in certain areas to give it the oiled wood finish.


The strap was made from a DiD MPi strap.

Sniper Rifle:

Will add the finished photos later.

Got a few more Brandenburger Figures on the way!

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