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Wiking Division machine gunner.
Budapest. January 1945.


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Very cool.

I know there are WW II 1:6 online discussion groups focused on Allied and/or Axis 1:6 figures. Way back in the day when the 1:6 hobby started for and the OSW too started up, I remember many times when 1:6 hobbyists who were just excited/happy to be in environment where we all can discuss/post 1:6 military figures from a variety eras went ape$%^& over the latest WW II German infantryman, machine gunner, whatever along with the same depth of enthusiasm for Allied figures as well. Even those of us who were not necessarily into WW II were amazed and impressed by such offerings however different and similar from full blown customs and kit bashes.

For those of you still doing as such, my respect to you.
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