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Why Trade section rules applied to sellers are the same ones applied to buyers?

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I am looking desperately for some boxed sets (no matter if unsealed) and some loose items that are rarities and I wonder why do I have to make a certain number of posts and wait for a certain ammount of time before I am allowed to post at Shop & Trade section when buyers cannot fly-by-night. We pay in advance (in my case always using Paypal, -which grants the seller Paypal fraud protection- and this paymment even includes shipping too). Don´t see how could a potential buyer that pays with Paypal could swindle a seller. In the case that something went wrong (and I cannot think what) it would be worked out by a Paypal Dispute and a resolution by the Company that would compensate economically to the seller and could even ban the transgressor for good.

A bad feedback for the seller? I do not think it could be difficult for him to prove right using some screenshots from Paypal web.

Will people ruling OSW consider the suggestion of changing the rules for buyers?

Normally wrongdoing comes from the oposite side of the table.

Best Regards
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Have you found a way out of this situation? Maybe you have found another way to buy/sell?
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