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I found this photo a few months back. The caption (and obviously the cammo pattern) describe it to be the new upcoming Army issued body armor aptly named: the Improved Outer Tactical Vest, or, IOTV.

But, you never know when these new armors will make it into the field. Many times, they stay in the testing phases forever. Or, sometimes they aren't issued due to cost...

But, tonight, I found this photo of a soldier in Iraq:

Yes-- it is now officially in use! So, that begs the question: who's gonna make it first?

It took almost two years after the Marine Spartan Armoro came out before we saw it in 1/6-- and from a very new company (Saturday Toys) at that!

Will it be months? A year? Years!?! Will this replace the Interceptor?

Only time will answer these questions, I suppose. Maybe someone will be brave enough to attempt to make their own. Now THAT would be a drool-worthy bash!

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I've been wondering about that myself, John. I saw a demonstration video of it a few months back and have been wanting some for my 1/6 scale troops ever since. It is really similar to the Spartan MTV but I think made by a different company. One challenge for the 1/6 gear companies will be to find a material that can replicate the ACU cammo on the PALS.

At any rate, if someone would make these, I could sure use a few in 1/6 scale.

Heck, for that matter, I could use a few of the Sat. Toys Spartans! :fit

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Its been in use since earlier last year, perhaps around or before the summer, a few months after the Marine MTV [spartan] began widespread issuance [My friend got his MTV early in the spring]; I think the PALs with the ACUpat print could be overlooked, as long as the cutting for the rest of the vest is done well.
The Marine Spartan2 should have a cummerbund like that, but even Sat Toys overlooked it and opted for side SAPIs instead on their upcoming release.

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The Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) has been getting fielded for months now. The Army issues equipment a little differently since the GWOT started. In the past the most combat ready (deployable) type units got first dibs on new equipment and the older equipment was redistributed to units lower on the deployment scale. Today deploying units get new equipment first. Its very common today to see a guard unit with new stuff even before the 82nd or 101st. If you want to find the latest besides checking out the photo haunts most OSW users visit check out deployed units webpage. You will see much more of the IOTV in milphoto sites and as surge units are replaced as several of those deploying units are in possesion of the IOTV.

This rule DOES NOT apply to special operations forces that have their own supply systems and guardian angels.

The IOTV is slated to replace the IBA but keep in mind there are still units that have only just recently received their IBA and some of those were in woodland pattern. The Army is issueing kits to retrofit woodland and desert pattern IBA to an ACU pattern. It takes quite a bit of time to change the whole army to something andthat is why the mix and match look is very realistic for you kitbashers.

Want to see something cool? Research the PEQ 15. Nuff said.
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