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who's done a bash on themselfs

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Im planning to do a bash on myself, from when i was in the army and was thinking who else has done a bash on themselfs.
i know finding the right head will be very hard unless i made one, but my skill there are no good, also i ll have to cut a body down as im a short ass (5ft8")
but hows done a bash then?
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well, I can't say I have done a bash on myself, but, I would use the most attractive headsculpt available
good luck..i've only done bashes of friends and finding sculpts is the hardest part...but I looked at every HS out there...WWII to modern and it worked your figure will be 1/7th scale since you are gonna shorten him? ;)
Heh yeah finding a body suitable for a short person isn't hard, I'm 5'7" and I had to use the BBI G1 body which was shorter than most bodies out there already, and take off about a half inch to an inch at the shins and forearms.
Usually the hardest part of doing any mini-me is finding something a sculpt that vaguely resembles you.

After that, it's a matter of equipping and outfitting your bash as you were while you were in the service. In my case, it's as a Marine Corps communicator 35 years ago.

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I did it.HS was the hardest to find one close.I was in the Army in the 70s and 21c's early uniforms were perfect match for what was issued.Planning to upgrade figure with the Toy Soldier web gear.
Shortass?....yer a'm only 5'6" (and weigh 240...AAU competitive powerlifter over 40 category). I'd be hard-pressed to try a mini-me, but admittedly have been tempted to try. VERY cool mini-me bash Wayne...startlingly alike to the real you.
USMCWayne said:
Usually the hardest part of doing any mini-me is finding something a sculpt that vaguely resembles you.
With the exception of HS's that resemble my noggin, I have made bashes that represented me at various times during my career. Working on one as we speak.

Excellent mini-me bash Wayne :thumb
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