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:fit, as with all things the previous statement is true. so the director is has no real responsibility for the look?
Sorry I was in a bad head when I wrote that - next time I won't write in a bad haed.

I'd say the truth is someplace between what I originally wrote and what writtingman wrote.

The director and the art director are generally the ones who's job it is to decide the over all look.

There is concept art and story boards that are approved by the director/ the art director and sometimes with the creator.

If the producer wants to curry favor with someone or get in their pants, they get them a job on the film. The bigger the job the bigger the payback. From what my friends in the business in L.A. and NYC say, this is the case quite often.

There are people in the biz who or true artists, then there are those who just want to turn a fast buck - The fast buck types generally churn out schlocky crap, it's easy to spot.

Sometimes an artist just looses their way. George Lucas fought hard to make Star Wars... He let his kids pick Jar Jar.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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