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All alone is a relative thing, most of us are solo on the keyboard, but in good company among others in the hobby here aboard and elsewhere. Onesix doesn't exactly open doors to financial success and social prominence, it's not held popular by most people. It does however offer personal enjoyment and mutual interest with others.

Imperfect as it is, OSW doesn't require members to be of a specific gender or ethnicity, to possess great physical strength and stamina, be a mathematical genius, pledge a particular political or religious affiliation or social station, to have cooking skills or mechanical ability, nor a number of other requirements for membership to other organizations.
A bit of enthusiasm, friendly interaction, a civil demeanor, and honest behavior, that's about it. Still, being a bunch of humans, we manage to offend from time to time - just as others have walked away thinking the place had become too "civilized". That's the loss that comes with the gain. When it's alll said and done, we end up with a place where people can enjoy themselves, and in that I don't think any of us is alone here.
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