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Where can I get a Jack Bauer headsculpt?

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I guess the subject line is pretty self explanitory.
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Ditto. Been searching for one myself.
The Frontline version is quite good once painted up decently I believe.
I've got a loose medicom bauer head from the ctu version. Willing to trade for it or sell for around $15.00, this is negotiable btw so just drop me a PM.
You could also check out the Bauer head the Ebay seller "diver4" has.
And another option: I've got a Bauer headsculpt from Ebay seller "wonder_point". He does some great work for about 25$...

Here's my Jack:


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I want to avoid buy the obvious recast from Diver4, and wonder_point only has a Clint Eastwood figure up.

Any one have Frontline's URL?
Here you go:

In case you're interested, you can always send wonder_point a message via Ebay, he always has some Bauer heads in reserve (I think he also has a website with all his other head sculpts, but you should check it with him)...
Lord Vicious said:
Here you go:

I don't see Kiefer in the current lineup.
Diamond Select Toys is coming out with a Bauer figure from Season 1, I think it will be out in February '08. Check their website, Looks like it will come with a briefcase, two pistols ( a full size USP and what looks like a SIG-Sauer), and sunglasses. Going for around $30 US.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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