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This is an interesting thread with only a few that have answered the OP's question directly.

Andy b has the most comprehensive list. Here is mine choice of compainy to search eBay or the local shops for:

Hot Toys

Traid Toys

Flirty Girl



Very Cool


A few points to note:

There are very few companies producing standalone heads. Fewer producing female heads.

Most 1/6 companies are producing figures, not head sculpts. Most figures are either movie or military related.

If there is a movie tie in like IM, POTC, RE etc, then you might get a Hot Toys female head which may or may not be reproduced later.

One has to remember that female figures, until recently, where frond upon by most 1/6 community's. Men with dolls was the place to go if you were a female figure collector. Today it seems more and more collectors have or are willing to have a few female figures in their collection. Maybe with this new interest, more companies will produce better headsculpts and figures...seems to be this way with bodies...

The cy girl line is a good place to look for heads, with the right paint job they can look incredible, here is one example:

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