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When would a soldier NOT wear his helmet?

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I'm working on a Marine in Fallujah and the helmets I've been wanting to use don't fit that well with my headsculpt. I'm thinking of using either a boonie cap or a fleece watch cap. When would a soldier wear one of these? Would he be out on patrol not wearing his helmet? I remember there were a few scenes in "Jarhead" where they were just wearing boonies. Is that accurate?

I look forward to any help you guys can offer.

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Spyglass1 said:
Sorry. I forgot this was a Fallujah specific tread.
Marines as well as Army units operate in Fallujah currently. With the recent calming of environment in Ramadi and Fallujah..the pics Spyglass posted could be in those formerly restive cities where alot of cooperation with the tribes has led to a slight reduction in alert readiness so seeing troops without helmets/body armor is not out of the question. And not wearing a helmet when conversing with locals does not mean you are Civil is hot in Iraq and if you are around folks you feel ok with, it's a show of respect to take off your helmet when speaking with them too..just my thought on this subject..
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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