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When Are You Going to See The Dark Knight?!

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Im board so I figured Id put this up. Presales are suppose to be going crazy, so much that theaters have added showtimes as early as 4/6:00am! So when are you gonna see it? Gonna be a dick and get to see it tonight at some radio/tv station screening? Maybe you got tickets for Thursday night? Maybe you sacrificed that HT 417 to get IMAX tickets?

I gotta wait till thursday night, but I splurged and got the IMAX tix!
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When it hits satelitte.
Long after the hype has warn off.
Opening night, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
When admission is free.
Opening night 4 sure
asap and im not even a big batman fan..I think the joker is going to make this movie..Im very exicited to see it
I saw it tonight, kind of by accident, some friends had an extra ticket.

I'm not a big superhero movie fan, and I'm not a big Batman fan (although I do find him the coolest superhero, so one might say, I'm just not a superhero fan). This movie still knocked my socks off.

Heath Ledger certainly steals the show, it's hard to believe this is the same guy that starred in "Knight's Tale" and "10 Things I hate About You". He's cunning, he's brilliant, and he's disturbing, he's entire personality is one big freakshow, and propels the film past a summer quick bucks hit, and into a realm of morals and character development that are usually absent in most superhero movies. I wouldn't even say this movie is about Batman, it felt more about the people around him, which gives your more insight into who Batman really is than any amount of watching Batman "save the day" ever could.

This isn't to say this is a whiney feelings movie, the fight scenes are quick and not overdone, and each encounter feels fresh and creative. There are no ten mnute long, martial-arts inspired trades of punches and kicks (I get bored during those, no offense to those wh enjoy them). But it's not violence deprived, and there are some great screwed up twists that had the people next to me worried when I said audibly "Brilliant!".

I am disappointed we will not be seeing the Joker grace the screen again, even though I do hate sequels, the Joker earned his.
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I also saw it on a whim, someone called and said hey, lets go.

To amend Hetz' review, which covers a lot of things, this movie is totally worth the admission price.

Heath really delivered. His performance was powerful and yet playfully psychotic, he made an amazing Joker. Rest in Peace man.

The fight sequences, though short are pretty good. I can't pin it but Bats was brutally efficient, sort of Bourne style but with his own flair to it; and the explosions and street battles and car chases were really well done.

It was 2.5 hours long, and felt like two kick ass movies. I'd watch it a couple more times if I could, maybe I will later.
Despite the length it doesn't drag out or anything like that, it'll leave you glued to the seat in anticipation of what comes next. Definitely THE movie of the summer.
waiting till next weekend, my big 15 yo son said he would go see it with me if I i will wait
Haven't seen it yet, but my intern has. She came in this morning absolutely buzzing about it. I can hear her some place in the office telling someone else how amazing it was. She and I pretty much agree on movies and books... I'm actually getting excited to see this movie now.
Going to see it on Sunday at a matinee when hopefully the theater is a bit less crowded. :)
Just got back from watching it. It's fantastic! Ledger was awesome as the Joker. He really should get an nomination(s) for this. Too bad we'll never see him do it again....
The movie was ****ing amazing. You gotta see in on IMAX. And seeing the Watchmen trailer on that huge screen was just the icing on the freakin cake.
I'm not the type to go to midnight releases, but I've always been a huge batman fan. This movie was amazing in every regard.

The entire audience applauded when the joker made his first "real" appearance (those of you who saw the film know what I'm talking about). Heath was brilliant in his performance. The joker has always been my favorite villain, and this version was amazing. I'd have to say I liked it better than Nicholson's.

In short, see the movie. And bring a fresh pair of pants when you do. That's how awesome it is.
Just got back. Good movie. Very dark (as it should be). But not sure if I agree with what they did at the end.
This is without a doubt the best movie I have sceen in at least 5 years
I love ironman but this takes it to a whole new level
unfortuantely I doubt the next will be as good esp that Heath is gone
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