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I agree with Spanner- for 21st century, Soldiers of the world doing affordable carded uniforms sets. There's a major gap and any company that fills that niche will make lots of money. My other wish is for more basic nude figures, heads, hands and other accessories to extend our kitbashing ideas.


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Switching gears from "things I want to get" to a wish list of things I'd like to see companies release this year.

H&K 416 and 417
H&K XM8 -more on this on in a moment....
Post-war Soviet machine guns, esp. the PKM and RPK-series

I realize that there have been at least two attempts at the XM8, by BBI and DiD. I occured to me that it might be an interesting project for 21st Century to do as one of their kits, like the recent Thompson SMG set they did.

I think any or all of these could also be worthy subjects for the same treatment. However, even one of those carded sets with multiple weapons would be fine.

Aside from that, my usual quixotic wish for Azone to revive their ACG line or someone to produce uniforms and gear for smaller framed (Obitsu, Volks) female figures. Ain't gonna happen but I guess I can always hope.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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