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I haven't started a topic in nearly half a decade. Maybe more. In general, I wish everyone still here well given we are still in a worldwide pandemic. Be safe everyone and extending to all of you the very best.

I thought an interesting topic would be what is the best 1/6th retail deal you've ever gotten in the hobby? ( Meaning anything bought from a show from a dealer or a loose parts dealer or a formal brand dealer or a big box, etc etc)

I'll start. Cotswold had some old Ultimate Soldier boxed sets back in like 2012-2014, somewhere around there. The Villains Mad Bomber set was 15 dollars each. The Auz and Taz Mantracker was either 20 or 25 each. Both were incredible sets with tons of cool accessories. Given what new sets cost today, that's a bargain. I'd argue that's a bargain at any point in the entire modern run of our hobby.

Back in 2005 or so, Amazon cleared out the 1/6th Hasbro Humvees. I think they were like 40 dollars. I don't know if they had free shipping, but the out the door was something like 55-60 bucks.

I got a 1/6th TUS Stuart tank from Toys R Us for 30 dollars back in the day. Over 15 years ago, probably more. There used to be a section in the back near the baby stuff for clearance items. It was out of the box, it had some broken issues but not major ones. A few of the accessories on the sides like the tools were gone. But for the most part, it was intact. It was like 70 percent off and talking to the manager, they knocked off some more just because they wanted to get rid of it, it was huge and taking up space, etc, etc.

Over the years, what good retail scores did you get?
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