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what rifle is this?

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does any body know what this rifle is called and who makes it?

any help is appreciated
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It looks like the Dragon version of the Knights Armament SR-25.
It is the Dragon SR-25/Mk11. I got mine from the Sniper Rifle Set 1.
I'll second Cree82. It's one version of Dragon's Knight SR25 (or whatever they're calling it nowadays). This particular version came in one or two boxed figures and also a carded set.
(or whatever they're calling it nowadays)..
(SR-) M-110 SASS
Yeah, but I remember the DML boxed 'Roy' coming with a non-suppressed version and the spotting scope.

Did the carded rifle set come with the scope too?
The SR-25 set came with the non-suppressed version and the tan painted version with the cylindrical hand guard. I don't recall a spotting scope in that set. The Knights carded set came with the suppressed version similar to that included with "Stanley".
There was a long range sniper set that had the SR-25, a large woodland camo pack, some camo strips, and the spotter scope. Ranger sniper Roy had the same rifle and the spotter scope too (I think), Stanley had the silenced version, and there was the desert painted one as Sgt.Schultz mentioned, that was from one of the carded sets as well. I think there was also a carded set that came with an M4 and some other bits as well, and the Knights Special Equipment set with the microprinted rifles. What can I say, I like this one, and to the best of my knowledge Dragon is the only manufacturer that made them. I have one that is under going some re-work at the moment (think Soldier Story M4).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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