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What British Paratroop/Red Devil figures exist?

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I know of Harry Collins and Ian by DML.
There are a number of rare dragon ones and bbi, am i right?
Thanks a lot
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OK, I am showing my age, but here goes:

vintage action man Red Devil para from the 1970's
21st C Red Devil para circa 1999.
bbi made a red devil Sgt Neil William (which resembled Richard Burton IMHO)
Hasbro, convention exclusive, british para from Operation Pegasus Bridge
Dml/CH British para Officer, Major Gen ROY,from a Bridge Too Far (Sean Connery)

Personally, my fav is the bbi Sgt Neil William. :)

SoF :D
The BBI Neil Williams is about the best , but there is good stuff in some of the DML ones as well .
I know Cody , aka 54thCuda2, has one he is selling if ya are looking for a good one. Tis the BBI Neil Williams version, the best one out there as Tony mentioned and I agree.
I picked up a Mass-Market BBi (?) Red Devil from a 2 or 3 years ago. It was $10.00 and came with the really old BBi body (with the single jointed arms that did not swivel and the neck that only swiveled). The headsculpt was awesome and the gear wasn't bad considering the price. I haven't seen this set anywhere in the past 2 years though.
there is also the bbi 'roger cooke', which comes with a ton of gear ala 'harry collins' (chute, sleeveless oversmock, sten mk2, bren, radio, 2" mortar, lee-enfield mk4, legbag, rifle valaise, etc.) and has the best dennison smock out there, i.m.h.o. - first series with knitted cuffs and a decent camo pattern, not too dark or wonky colours.
they're still out there if you search e-bay and the e-tailers, usually going for about $100. right now i'm using one to bash/model a glider pilot and another will be a polish para.

wow, my first post!!!
Not strictly a Red Devil but DML's CH ecxlusive Oberst Steiner, Micheal Caine from the "Eagle has Landed" comes with a number of British Para items.
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