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What are you most looking forward to?

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Just a question to see what everyone is looking forward to? What upcoming releases are you all excited about?
I for one am looking forward to the DAM Universal Soldiers, HT Winter Soldier and Sideshow's Deadpool.
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I can't wait to see what else ACE has in the 'Nam pipeline. My Vietnam shelf has never been so full!
Looking forward to the Steve/Cap two pack by Hot Toys, the Raiden by Hot Toys, and now the new wolverine from the latest X-men movie....oh and the Arkham Batman by Hot Toys. sheesh no wonder I don't go out anymore Hot Toys getting my entertainment money.
Don't have Heavy Armored Cop yet, so that's next, if nothing's gone wrong at Customs. Looking forward to SSC Plissken but that's just personal attachment as I expect the figure itself to be average. No fondness for Deadpool so my SSC Marvel anticipation looks further down the line, to Dr Doom. DiD Chicago Gangster II. On the stylized front, looking forward to all the DAM Gangster Kingdom's esp. Trejo, and I've been wanting to get one OE Army Attractive so will choose one from their next releases.

As I made up that list I was really surprised no HTs were on it. Marty McFly's a maybe, because I don't want to be tempted by the DeLorean. I got SSC Batman so I'm passing on Arkham Batman and I don't trust the rubber. I'm passing on the Guardians because I decided they were "all or nothing" and I can't justify @$1200.
The guidance counselor was surprised: “I didn’t even know career aptitude tests had a Super-Villain category.”
I can't wait to see what else ACE has in the 'Nam pipeline. My Vietnam shelf has never been so full!
That's what I'm looking forward to as well.
I can't wait to see what else ACE has in the 'Nam pipeline. My Vietnam shelf has never been so full!
I hope they'll include Air Force and Navy jet jockeys equipped with
the appropriate gear and unis unique to each air combat service forces.
Looking forward to getting this dashing fellow:

It's a 1/6 resin kit of Donald Sutherland from the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Bodysnatchers.

Here's the original, I'd say the kit is really close:

Can't wait to start work on him



Got him today, closer to 1/5 but still brilliant!
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I'd have to go with the Black Ops Toys DeathRidge Figure.
+2 I pre-ordered because of all the cool stuff. Camo Uniform, vest, rifle, magazine etc.

Will be waiting also for the SS KSK Commando.

And I hope DAM or SS or somebody in this league will soon do a modern DELTA/CAG figure with all the Gucci gear. :gimme

Oh yeah and I am waiting to receive the 2004 era CAG figure from DAM which should be out very soon. :clap
HT BD Robocop and Alex Murphy

HT's announcement of the Cain figure, they've been working on since 2012.

DAM Unisols

Whatever Art Figures does next.
My retirement :)
Ha I hear ya brother!!!! That's next Christmas for me. What a present.
The Phicen colab. "Steve Reeves HERCULES " ACI's colab " ACHILLES" and BlackopToys Rendition of a BalisticZombi hunter" That thing is Spicy and loaded with solid mission specific gear.:thumb
The Go Hero Rocketman/ Commando Cody and the Sideshow Snake Plissken, both of which I have on pre-order!

Asmus Aragorn, god its painful waiting for this. And Phicen Huntress, maybe HT Wolverine also despite for insane price.
I still have my fingers crossed for the HT Chopper Predator:drool:ready
Also the SS French Operator, and ALL the Russians....
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