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I've tried plate armour before but never finished, and recently I've been working with thin stainless steel & brass to make funrniture for a 1:1 sword scabbard.

While working on the 1/6 plate, I used just thin sheet metal from a local hardware store, not sure of guage or thickness. I used a small ball peen hammer and a piece of hardwood. On one side of the hardwood I chiseled or routed a groove and a round indentation. I used the round the hammer and the indentations to shape the metal. Trial & error.

I've been working on a 1/1 sword scabbard throat and chape ( I think those are the right terms anyway) out of stainless steel. I started with 1/16 which was a stone cold beeatch to work, then I scrounged some 1/32". Works much better, I've thought of doing something in 1/6 with it. Easiest way to work it is to heat it red hot with a map gas torch, then wack it with a hammer. Again, I'm using a ball peen, couple different sizes. I have a chunk of railroad rail I use as an anvil but any solid metal surface should work.

To get a rounded shape, I heat up the area I want to work, have a bench vise pre-opened, set the metal in the opening and use the rounded end of the ball peen to hammer it into the open vice. Then I placed a round metal object on the folded steel, put it in the vice and closed the vice to get the rounded shape on my steel.

Not much advice, but I'm not real experienced. Hope that will give some insight.

PS> I cut the steel using a Dremel with a heavy duty cutoff wheel. Several wheels.... Wire guage drill bits for making holes.
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