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Western Chuck Wagon !!!!!

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Well been busy with bits of wood and metal and plastic, making a Chuck Wagon addition to the Johnny West Marx BOTW Wagon...and we thought we would post the pictures of the finished addition.

The Chuck Wagon piece was made so that the original wagon would not have to be altered or cut, so it fits snugly onto the wagon.

The Piece measures approx :-
8 inches High
5 3/8 inches Wide
3 1/2 to 2 1/8 deep
Made of Wood with Plastic and Metal Pieces.
4 sliding Large Draws
1 Removable 2 Draw unit
Lower hinged storage space
Fully hinged front Door with Metal hinged leg support and two latches to hold door closed, having a white leather strap to hold leg support in place when closed.​

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Damn, that is some really nice work. Like how its varnished on the outside and the inside of draws are kept plain.
Beautiful work! Cool that you could incorporate that in to the old Marx piece...:applause
That is superb, great piece of work there.
Damn, that is very cool.
Beautiful!! Some really nice craftsmanship there. The hinge and finish work are simply astounding:jawdrop
Oh man fantastic. Just fantastic all around.

Nice job.
That's simply amazing man!
Very nice I have always wanted to make a chuck wagon.
Oddly enough I saw a 1/1 reproduction of these a weekend ago at a fair I attended. Yours is spot on. Great work. I did not realize that the unit was removable from the wagon.
Some great woodcrafting going on here, excellent work. That 1st pic looks 1/1.
Super looking addition Richard. You've done your homework. I've seen alot of these 1/1 and your's measures up fine.
Man, that is really a fine piece! I love it!

- Ian
Thanks for the nice comments. The Chuck Wagon attachment was a project that was on the back burner for sometime before we finally finished it, seemed to be kicking around for ages.

We have a good friend who loves the Western / Cowboy side of the 1/6th hobby and had talked about different items his collection. Trying to put together a Western Bar scene next !​

The Chuckwagon reminded me of the movie "The Cowboys" and Jebediah Nightlinger's Apple pie! Nice job!
Outstanding, exceptionally fine scale work there. You need to put that new guy on a horse and off to cowboyin', and get grizzled old "Cookie" busy rustlin' up some grub.
Great work!
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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