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Weekend of Heroes 2008 Photos HERE!

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Check out the almost 1,000 photos from this year's A Weekend of Heroes HERE!

More news, reviews and information coming over the next week!
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Thanks for getting the pics up. Those of us in other time zones REALLY appreciate it.
No problem - we're going to try to get more up tonight too!
great there gos my nigth...haha jk

thanks guys for the pics..I have been waiting all weekend for the pics
Nice stuff Jess! Thanks a million!!! Wish I could put names to faces at the OSW booth!
Series of photos nr War Toys link

Hey Guys!!

Looks like you all had a great time, wish I could have been there this year, oh well maybe next year. Anyway, I was wondering went thru the photos that were uploaded and I was wondering as whether or no the Humvee photos were of Butch's kits for the Hasbro Humvee OR from Dragon? And if Butch's, then how much for the parts Butch that were seen in said photos [gunners cupola, rear hatch, grill, etc.].

Bravo out
My First WOH and Observations

Hi Guys;

I spent over $500 to be there (prior planning would have changed that). It was worth every penny! I would not say that if it wasn't for OSW. Through this forum I've made some really great friends that extended themselves when they didn't have to (special thanks to Sawgunner, Ronin 6 and Cree82). If the budget and time are issues decide to be there next year and everything will fal in place (saving, scheduling etc).

I've been to a lot of shows. This one was the best because of the relationships before and after the event. When you can leverage other skills, stock, ideas you can create an exponentially better bash.

There were several large dealers there augmented by a great group of smaller dealers offering some great parts selections and stock items. It was great meeting all of you. Tung (EBT), Javier (War Toys), Azteca, Steve (Toyrrific), The ladies from Legends, The ladies from Atlantic, thanks for coming out and setting up.

What was really the topping on the cake though was meeting and making friends inside the community (collector and dealer). It was worth it to me. I hope it'll be worth it to you. To all of you OSWers, it was a privlege and pleasure to meet you.

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I found myself in the EBT Hooters pictures. Dang, quite a few. I'm in the "Swallow the Anchor-AQUA VI" black tee and my business partner (Brian S) in the Punisher Tee with the goatee and blonde hair. It was extremely nice to be there and meet everybody from this board as well as Alan from TS. (whoa!), as well as our friends from CalTek. Thanks for making this such a memorable and positive first time experience. I enjoyed talking with Harley and Rod, as well as Jess while eating those 911 and teriyaki chicken tenders! great food and company! Thanks Tung and Nan.
Okay seriously, SOMEONE needs to talk to the admin of that website! All these stretched out photos of these awesome figures!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys, Jess is very busy trying to get all the WOH coverage done. How about we give him a little slack.
The pics of the OSW booth - the OSW admin are Hooters girls?

That would explain a lot.............. :lol
the WoH was fun....I met most of FJR6 and they tried recruiting me in....not yet though....Hugo (Known as Fallschirmartz in the 1:6th world) got a picture of me in a jumpsmock, helmet, and MG they let me borrow for a few minutes-

Remember when buying a step in jump smock- you can normally buy a tunic that is one size smaller, but buy a smock that is one size bigger...or you will be in pain.....
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Thanks for posting all the pics Jess. Stewie the ---ahem--- rooster did get quite a few more pics over the weekend. Although he did miss out on the OSW costume contest and the calender girls.

I'll try and add some of my own soon.
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