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At last weekend's A Weekend of Heroes in Glendale, CA, debuted a variety of new collectibles and figures, including...

Playhouse US Marine Gear Set

a new business suit and headsculpt (looking very similar to one of the main characters in Prison Break!)

A variety of Very Hot gear sets...

ExperToys Tool boxes

a new series of 1:6 scale ray guns and misc 1:6 scale accessories like cameras, PSPs, film and more...

Playhouse Gears Sets

For more photos of these new products (including up-close images of the 1:6 scale rayguns and accessories!), click HERE and be sure to check out ALL of the 2008 A Weekend of Heroes photos HERE.

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You had to remind me that I forgot to pick up the tool boxes, and the cameras and PSP.

I think the bust/vest sets are great. Overkill on the packaging. They all have extra mags and shotgun shells. How do you go wrong there. Full boxed figures don't even offer that many mags. I was really impressed by the quality of those.

If you keep going with the pics I won't have to worry about posting mine :thumb
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