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There are few things as impressive in the 1:6 scale community as a massive R/C tank rolling towards your figures, ready for battle...and few people have the opportunity to see a variety of these armored R/C vehicles on display in one place. But this last weekend at the 2008 A Weekend of Heroes, attendees saw exactly that and more...

Thanks to Southwest Armor Group (SWAG), fans got to see a variety of tanks and vehicles as well as an impressive diorama set up showing off exactly what these tanks could do and just how detailed their owners made them...

The minute details involved in making these as realistic as possible impressed even the non-tank fans and there's no doubt few who saw these weren't stunned by the amount of work involved in making these 1:6 scale collectibles authentic...

Likewise, the impressive diorama showed off a scene taken from a WWII Nazi camp that both impressed fans and collectors alike...

While the vehicles on display ranged from the classic to the modern, fans also received a chance to see these 1:6 scale monsters in action as members of the group put on an impressive display (below).

For more photos of these amazing 1:6 scale machines, click HERE.

For all of the photos of this year's A Weekend of Heroes event, click HERE.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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