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While it's easy to get lost at shows like last weekend's A Weekend of Heroes in Glendale, CA, leave it to the military reenactors of the California Historical Group to give folks directions...

As soon as attendees walked into the front door, there stood this...

Now while I don't understand a lick of what the above sign says, I do know no matter which way attendees went, there was great stuff to see, including a number of members of the group educating the public as to the historical uniforms and war-time society during World War II and other conflicts...

From the Revolutionary War to World War II and beyond, attendees had a marvelous time looking at not only historical weapons and uniforms, but also posters, information, letters and more...

And even some of those who dressed up found action figures of themselves...
How cool is that? (below)

To see more photos of the military reenactors at this last weekends show, click HERE.

To see all of the photos from this last weekend's A Weekend of Heroes show, click HERE.
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