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Ideas truly arise when you got nothing to do.
I made these scaled pictures a few months ago from photos I found on the net, had them printed, glued them on photo paper I peeled from old business card, and then weathered.

Using what? COFFEE! Yes, coffee.

What I did was to take a small pinch of coffee powder and mix them with at least a few drops of water.

Here are the photos


L-R The first photo was too big, big enough to be a portrait on a wall. It's the first photo I weathered without regard to the scale as I was experimenting on the technique first. The next two photos were scaled smaller than the first, but not small enough to be wallet-sized yet good enough for a soldier's keeps.

Things you need:

-inkjet printer (I dunno how laserjets would fare, LMK if you tried it on those)
-glue stick
-business cards (those with white, smooth back surfaces), unless you'd prefer actual photo papers
-coffee powder (just a small, tiny dab)
-the internet for pictures! :D


1. First off, I searched for preferred pictures which I scaled down. Then I had them printed on a bond paper. Let them dry for a while.
2. Next, I peeled off the back part of business cards which are smooth. This will make the photo thinner when you glue the picture on.
3. Glue it! I recommend glue sticks because they won't ruin the print unlike wet glues which do.
4. Prepare the mixture, a tiny amount of coffee mixed with water.
5. Now the exciting part. Fold the pictures any way you want it. Wet your finger with the mix and dab it on the edges of the print. You may want to flick your finger on the print to get small, circular stains. Repeat until you get the desired color.
6. Let it/them dry.

BE CAREFUL though, too much dabbing can ruin the print. Do not splash too much on the print itself to maintain its illustration.

Sorry for the crappy pics, phone cam was used.
Thanks for looking!
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