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Weapons identification topic. Rifles help now

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A week or so ago I lost all the pics of my 1/6 weapons collection that I catalogued so I could keep track of what I have. Retaking pics of 1000 or so different weapons takes a while, so I just managed to finish pistols for now. I need help identifying the names of the following:

Thanks for all who can help. I'll be back with more unidentified rifles, smgs, shotguns, etc...
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left to right, top to bottom
1. something sci-fi
2. Colt 1911A1 custom
3. Smith and Wesson M29 4" .44 Magnum
4. Manurhin MR-73 4"
5. another scifi gun this ones from a james bond flik
6. Manurhin MR-73 8" with scope and bipod

anything else just PM me.
Top: "R"- MEU Force Recon Springfield Armory Cal.45.

2nd: "L"- M19 Combat Magnum 4 inch. or could be M29 44 Magnum.
2nd: "R"- 44 Magnum 4 inch. or Python 357 4 inch.

3rd: "R"- 44 Magnum or 357 Python 8 > 9 inch.


p.s. 3rd: "L" Looks to me is a 22 cal.
Thanks guys...

Yeah, first one is a flare gun, got it in some Japanese blind box weapons also came with this revolver that I'm not too sure of too...I labeled it a S&W M57 for some reason, but I don't think that's it...

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that one's a Smith and wesson M29 4" .44 Magnum
The one on the bottom left is the dart gun from the Sideshow ***** Galore from their James Bond series.
Yeah, thanks! I knew it was familiar...I couldn't remember who had that pistol in a James Bond movie....the revolver above it is from her too...
According to the Sideshow website the revolver is a S&W .45, but no other designation is given. It's probably a S&W model 22 or a model 25.
I think if I researched around I can find out what kinda revolver ***** Galore used in that movie...

Anyways, here's some shotguns I have no idea what they are...all from 21st C weapon sets...

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the three on the left are ithaca model 37's the top right is a Benelli M4 and the bottom right is a remington 870 sawn off
AWesome, thanks man!

Here's the rest of the shotguns I dunno and a couple SMGs...I know one of them is a Ghost in the Shell weapon that came with the Takara Motoko Kusanagi, just dunno what it's called...and the second is a Japanese SMG, and again no clue what the name is of it...

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from an airsoft site.

I have not found an exact English translation of this machine pistol after many years.

JGSDF 9mm machine pistol

Some relavent info on the flare gun from your initial post:

21.5mm signal pistol
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The GITS weapon is a Seburo C-26A with a silencer/supressor attachment.
Do you what to know what they came with or what they are in real life or both?
It was the Street Heat set, one of those...

I'm having trouble placing which gun came from which company...Anyone have a clue with the shotguns under those SMGs? The first is from one of those 21st Century Weapon sets, I think it's an Ithaca Model 37...the one under it is from some Toy Soldier set, and the third one is from the Navy Seals 21st C weapon set...I just forget the names....

The others I have no clue on, may be from some junk 1/6 figure...
I think if I researched around I can find out what kinda revolver ***** Galore used in that movie...

Anyways, here's some shotguns I have no idea what they are...all from 21st C weapon sets...

The second one on the right and last one look non-existant, probably made up by 21st Century themselves. I've never seen such shotguns in actual size in the internet before even in the website.
Keep asking, I'm learning tons from our better informed members and am pretty impressed with the knowledge base so many here have. This isn't my thread but I for one would certainly do look forward to the additional details.
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