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Weapon set advice

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I'm wondering what the general consensus is on individual weapons and weapon sets from:

Ultimate Soldier

Neither are readily available where I live (not much is actually) and so I only have online dealers to look at these items with, so I really don't know how they compare.

For reference, I don't have any HT weapons or figures at this point (aside from some Aliens) so my point of refernce would be DML which seem to be overall good all round, and BBi, which are nicely detailed, but often have "flash" which requires trimming, and are made of a softer and more fragile plastic. I also have some (BBi?) die cast metal weapons I picked up years ago, which are again decent, but are quite heavy for the poor buggers with loose shoulders who usually have to carry them.
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I think the quality and accuracy of DiD weapons are excellent. They are metal like the bbi weapons but seem lighter and less clunky, also wood furniture on rifles is real wood (again light weight). All the examples I have or have seen have working bolts, removable magazines, etc. They work smoothly and the fit of the magazines are secure (they won't fall out on their own). I think the metal individual rounds of ammo and belts of ammo for mg's is particularly well done.

Ultimate Soldier (or TUS or 21C) vary in quality and accuracy according to the period they were manufactured. The very earliest were not as good, over sized and sometimes quite crude. This is understandable since they are made with play in mind not anal retentive collectors. There are some exceptions, maybe a middle period, when the quality started getting very good. If you wanted to improve the TUS weapon all you needed to do was replace the sling, maybe do some cutting, adjusting or repositioning of attachment points and repaint. Today the weapons are even better, much better detail and scale correctness and you will even find working parts on a lot of the current line. The WW2 sets of Axis, Japanese, Russian, and British weapons are particularly good and contain weapons not produced by any other manufacturer. The recent Thompson SMG set is of that same quality and a real boon to anyone who likes that weapon. The recent modern sets of AK's, Pigs, shotguns, and "Street Heat I & II" are all very good with lots of good stuff for bashing baddies, sci-fi or military.

As far as comparing them to DML, that would be better done on an individual weapon level. Each manufacturers M1 Garand Rifle for example could be compared in a side-by-side detailed review. Someone on this forum may have already done that with the M1 or some other weapon. That's an involved process that, for me, doesn't just involve the comparison between the toys but also checking each against references to the actual 1:1 weapon. Since I don't have the inclination to do that, sorry, suffice it to say that most of the weapons produced by DiD and TUS either match or is some cases surpass DML. This can be very subjective, so you will find some people who only like DML for one reason or another. I like them all, there are good and bad, but the good far outweighs the bad when it comes to these three companies.
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I rediscovered 1:6 scale military figures with 21st Century back in 1997 (by golly, have I been collecting for 10 years, it's really been that long?). Their 1st generation Vietnam carded sets were just as Furious Genius just described - crude and somewhat off-scale, with "playability" or what you can call the toy factor in mind. However, when the Modern series came out, I was hooked. The uniforms, weapons and gear were, and still are IMHO awesome. They are quite easy to improve: most only need a better sling and some weathering/painting. And that was back in the day when you could get a carded uniform set for $9.99, even the rare ones like modern Russian paras (once I cleaned out the rack at my local TRU).

I must say I do not own any DiD weapons, been strictly a modern collector, but I do have some of the metal bbi ones. The AKM with folding stock is quiet neat, especially with the removable M203 g/l (I can't remember which figure it came it, it may have been Carlos) but they are definitely quite heavy.

I still think that Dragon's M4's are the best out there, as far as detail and the balance between playability and realism. They are however dated at this point, not providing such accessories as EoTech sights, Surefire lights etc. Hence I have found myself buying loose bbi and Toy Soldier ones. I do not own any Hot Toys weapons: I've read here several times about the concept of "HT scale" and their limited playability, plus their cost is prohibitive for me.

Just my $0.02. Hope it helps...
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For WWII weapons DID can't be beat. All of their weapons that I have seen to date are very detailed and made of metal and wood as FG said. The new sets that 21c has been putting out in the last year or so are very nice. Most of them have working slides and/or removable magazines. The Thompson 1928 set is really nice with different barrel lengths, interchangeable stocks,drum and stick magazines and receivers.
For Modern weapons I prefer Soldier Story weapons. The M-4's, and M-9's I've gotten are well made and highly detailed. The AK's that Soldier Story just put out are one of the best but have a high price tag.

furious genius, thanks for your detailed and helpful response!

As far as comparing them to DML, that would be better done on an individual weapon level.
Understood. My question was much more in reference to build quality, as in the actual materials and quality of plastic used moreso than direct accuracy when compared to 1:1.

PitViper, I know the AK you're talking about and have it as well. I't's quite a nice piece though that whole range is quite heavy.

Warlordskeep, I appreciate your opinion. I've taken the plunge and ordered a couple of TUS sets and will see how they go when they arrive.

I like the quality of the 21st C weapons recently out. Movable parts, decent sculpts and you get them in sets for 10 bucks each or less, a real bargain. Plus, more variety than your run of the mill M4s and AKs and MP5s...
when PITVIPER mentioned 10 years, i gulped..*i have been doing this even longer* that said.. have have weapons from everyone!! Hasbro did a line called Weapon Tech for "Joe" several years ago, plastic & metal, that i would love to get again, because these are GREAT!! 21C are nice, but recently , the BBI quality has re inspired me. i have a few HT & have ordered the firearms set 4.. we will see. i suggest getting anything you can.. bash it a few times, if you see something you like better, incorporate that in & keep building. i think i have enough weapons for EVERYONE in this forum, so i think you just need to make up your own mind as to what makes you happiest! ENJOY!!
It's a really subjective question. And there are A LOT of subjects. Also depends on your personal taste, era, application and budget.

TUS are not always the best detail, but have some real gems, and nobody else has made them. Hot Toys have amazing detail, but oddly are not always in scale. DID makes awesome WWII, but their modern is a bit weaker. Dragon and BBI make some of the finest 1/6 weapons around. Soldier Story... if you can get them, and afford them, go for it. Zacca, see the TUS line. I could go on and on.... Hasbro, Red Horse, Aoshima, Furuta, Barrack Sergeant.... sooo many more as well.

Tell you what, if there is something specific you are looking at, or are unsure about, send me a PM and I would be happy to help if I can. Maybe some of the others would be interested as well.
Whoops - didn't see the latest posts in this topic.

Anyway, as an update, I ended up getting a couple of DiD modern guns. Their XM8 and the M14 (SOPMOD?). Both look nice, but both are oversized compared to.. well, all my 1:6 figures and all their other weapons.

The M14 is the worse of the two. It really seems like it's almost 1/5 scale. HUGE pistol grip on it. It's also as fragile as all heck and not put together all that well.
The XM8 comes with a clear magazine, but no rounds to put inside it. Co just clear plastic then. Based on these two, I wouldn't touch another of their modern weapons, and despite the good reviews their WW2 ones have above, I'd be wary of those as well based on the modern ones (if I were collecting a lot of WW2).
ACE makes some great modern Weapons (all M4 Variants but those are really good imho)
Ditto what you said on the DiD M14 and XM8 azazel - way oversized,a real shame considering their reputation for accuracy on their WWII stuff. Similarly the Hot Toys M4's - although looking the nuts,are spoilt by their inaccuracy of scale.

I too think it's a subjective question - it depends on what you want. I agree with all the responses above, but if build quality is your main pre-requisite for purchase,I'd go for Soldier Story on a like-for-like basis.
Broadsword only the old hot toys M4's are outof scale, i found this out when i trided to cross two M4's togetherto make a custom one and they where completly differnt sizes :p
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