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Watched Hitman last night

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I had a pass to a preview show of the Hitman movie last night. The movie was pretty good. I had no idea what to expect because I'm not that familar with the game. Some cool gun play and martial arts fighting. The "panzer cop" looking guys were supposed to be some sort of Russian special forces and did not look near as cool when they were lighted. They had some sort of gray ubran camo on with what appeared to be motorcross armor, gas mask and WW1 looking helmets. I would rate it 6 out of a possible 10. Maybe a 5 if not for the hot topless Russian girl.
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Looks pretty good, but it will probably be a rental.
I have to agree Joe it was pretty decent flick and the Alfa team did look like they were dressed in sports gear more than tactical gear. I did like Agent 47's Blazer sniper rifle.
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