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"WANTED" - more than I expected...

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....Way more. Should've known that Timur Bekmambetov would deliver. Tears along at an amazing pace, but still features some amazing character development. Excellent cast of well-knowns and not-so well knowns. Yeah, there's curving bullets and Jedi-like skills, but they do it well. Some brutal and gory bits, so fair warning there.

Kuroi, I owe you...again.

Go see this one.
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Additionally, there was a dark, brooding preview for Punisher: War Zone. Ray Stevenson is relentless.

New Coen Brothers trailer as well, Burn After Reading. Looks like dark humor, imagine that.
Wanted was AWESOME!!!I loved every minute of it.Except where Angelina Jolie...............that was a bit..goofy.

And James Mcelvoy(?) was perfect as the nerdy guy turned badass!
My favourite part of the movie was the opening when Mr X (David O'Hara, Irish nutter in Braveheart) wipes out that hit team.
I have to say this, but that was the best part of the film for me, it was just that good. O'Hara is great, pity he didn't feature more.
He was outstanding during his brief tenure on the Craig T. Nelson television series "The District" , playing Det. Danny McGregor.
A bud of mine accurately observed that when O'Hara's heel crushes the metal in the elevator, that was the trigger for the whole movie's tone.
I didn't even know about that role in The District, happy days.
Just saw this, Amazing!!! A bit of Shoot 'Em Up blended with the Matrix. It wasn't anything like I thought it would be going in, but I'm going back to watch it again this week.
YES! I know what I'm doing tonight.

Thanks for the reviews.
Just got back from seeing it. What a great popcorn movie. Just like Shoot 'em Up, check your brain at the door and get your refreshments ready. Wonderfully entertaining.
That was one hell of a fun ride.

CorranJ - I think I know what you meant about Angie's "goofy" bit.
I liked it. Although I don't think I'll ever watch it again. I'm a huge Morgan Freeman fan. So all around a fun movie. But I'm convinced Angelina Jolie has a stunt ass.
Very entertaining movie. It seemed to be heavily influenced by "The Matrix", or there were a lot of similarities. I really liked the bullet exiting at the beginning and the end of the movie.
Christ Dunk, that's a rough one.
Do you think Narnia has a Sex Offenders' Register?
Ahhhh, the joys of being away from Civilization...I have no fething clue what your guys are refering to.:lol:lol:lol

Will have to go look for this in the Haji shop. If I had been paying attention, I could have given you the review..weeks before it officially came out. I saw Ironman here..weeks before it officially came out:lol
In 3 years you can put up a pic of him as Bilbo Baggins too.
yeah, overall, not a bad flick. i have to say that IF they had statyed closer to the book ( graphic novel) it would have been better.. but thats Hollywood.
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