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As my first custom figure, I'm doing Timothy Dalton as seen in the defection scene from the movie THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. I was lucky enough to score a 21st Century Toys Walther WA 2000 on eBay.
WA2000 12.jpg WA2000 1.jpg
Sadly it lacked the bipod and the cocking lever on the right side of the rifle is gone, but since I'll be having a few 3D printed parts made for the gun, I'll also create those pieces unless I can score another complete WA 2000 to snag the assembly from.

The first order of business was removing the supplied scope...
and then the front bipod leg support....
I also picked up a 1/6 scale AN/PVS night vision scope from Shapeways....
The next task will be recontouring the rifle grip...
View attachment 406100 20200602_053650.jpg
to more closely match the actual grip...
wa-2000 2.jpg wa-2000 3.jpg
so the figure gun hand will hopefully grip the rifle more realistically.

Wish me luck!
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